Where on God’s Earth is Nigeria?


I was just thinking, moments ago. Thank God we can now breathe sighs of relief from this Abdulmutallab’s issue. But, whether we like it or not, this Haiti issue needs Nigeria’s voice, hearts and hands. This is what got me into thinking:

In responding to the tragedy in Haiti, President Obama wasted no time in initiating one of the largest humanitarian mobilizations in U.S. history. In doing so, he sent the world a clear message that the Haitian rescue and recovery effort is a global responsibility. Other nations followed with an outpouring of aid, as did individuals with contributions to charities around the world.

Its an excerpt from http://www.Huffingtonpost.com. This is a period when nations are scrambling to out do themselves in terms of help rendered to the Haitians, suprisingly a black nation. But nothing is heard from the greatest and the most populous black nation. This has prompt me to ask, where on earth is the president of Nigeria? Haven’t Nigeria got leaders who can act in the President’s absence? What is Nigeria, famous in humanitarian intervention, saying at this point? I can’t help but conclude that really, Nigeria is a failed state. We may say and think whatever we want, but the truth still stares at us frankly in our faces. We are not a country to be taken seriously. When allegations of terrorism were slammed on us by the United States there were cries from diverse quarters. But what about now when the whole world is coming together to uplift one of its own. Why is Nigeria so silent?

Agreed we have our own issues but that has never been a reason for us not rendering help to a suffering nation. We’ve always been there and have done more than what others, who are doing it now, have done. This really has shown to us the deep crater that has been created by the President’s absence. If the Yar’adua is alive and really spoke to that BBC reporter, I` think we need his voice in this issue. but until then, I think Nigeria still need to come up with how we can lend our voice, hearts and hands to the Haitians-who have the highest number of NGO’s in the world.

I think its time Nigeria show her superiority. I still believe in Nigeria.


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