Alone, Yet Satisfied


I’ve been there before. Alonesville.  Where someone walks out on you because you are just too flawed and there again you are, alone. Where you are told it is not going to be as you thought. Where promises are broken and all you have left to lean on is yourself and a sigh. Maybe some tears follow and when they dry they leave behind marks of fears. I’ve been there when you are just alone and on your own. “Sorry, I wish I can help you” is the refrain and there you are reaching out, arms outstretched hoping to find a tender touch but… its all vacuum. Even God seems to turn a-blind on you.

Much times when we go through situations like this we tend to look outward hoping to find that miracle that could whiff away the alone-ness and bring us the company and the companion that can help us through the storm. Even as I went through the dark corridors of being alone I eventually got fed up, trying to look outward for that shoulder and that friend. I asked myself, “what if I take a peep inwards?” What if you cease trying to find him and look at the Him in you? What if you need that time and space? What if being alone is a good thin, a blessing?

Yes, we hate it when we are deserted. Rejection doesn’t is bitter no matter how sweet your taste buds are. It’s not always fun neither is it cool. But we can make a whole lot from the time we now have to ourselves. I later discovered that some of the astonishing individual accomplishment that I’ve ever achieved came through because, while being alone, I was productive. That space we have to ourselves can be awesomely valuable. Make it a time to think through. A time to pray. A time for self appraisal. A time to unwind. A period you have to re-strategize.  The outcome could be awesome. Tis a blessing, being alone…


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