Valentine and I


It’s just about the corner, I mean valentine. It’s in the jingles on radio. You can’t miss it from the adverts on TV. There it is on the pages of the Magazines and Newspapers. ubiquitous. It’s just everywhere.

No one wants to be left out. Everyone wants to be involved. Good for you if you have somebody special to share that special day with, but if you are like many others, who really want to do anything in other to get that special someone for that special day…Pause…I think you should pause. Take a deep breathe. Pause. Don’t you think it’s time to be your own val! Yes, I said exactly just that. Be your own special valentine partner.
For me, this year isn’t going to be like those years I spent being my own valentine partner, but I sure cherish the rich experience of being your own special person. When I realised that the more I struggled and urgently hoped to find that special someone, the more it eluded me. Then I settled for something that was more enriching. I looked into myself and instead of finding the Her I need I developed the Him in me. Nothing, since then, has given me much joy and happiness. I discovered that I could use those moments to expunge those dead and putrified habits and attitudes that should have long been a past about me. I developed the real me. Worked on my personality and persona and preoccupied myself with just that. Then, while doing all these, that special someone strolled right into my life. I didn’t even see her coming. I simply felt her arrival.
Maybe instead of trying to find Mr Right, Miss Right make yourself right for the right person. Instead of putting lots of effort in getting a partner,concentrate more on yourself. Work on your flaws. Make certain resolutions and strive to achieve them. Keep being you and a better you and you will discover in no time that the good things you are doing to yourself will eventually attract the right kind of person to you.
Let me pause here and have a cup of coffee


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