Knowledge Talks Wisdom Listens (2)


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Yesterday I had a bad evening like a part off the pages of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Every experience I had proved just that in a funny way. Yes, I’ve had several bad evenings but this, perhaps, is the very first time I learnt this very lesson: People listen to you because you are worth listening to. Pause. Please read it again. Yes I mean what I just said.

You see, it is not particularly amusing that I was suppose to have a spectacular evening. But as events unfolded it turned out to be regrettable. First, I lost my wallet on my way to the eatery where me and my girlfriend intended check out. Of course, I needn’t tell you who picked up the bills at the end of the day. Now, Imagine you waiting for thirty-two minutes. I mean a lifetime of thirty-two minutes just for the waiter to come tell you “…can you please manage….bla bla bla…?” And lastly while driving home, in the middle of an intense traffic hold-up I had a flat tyre. That was the height of it. The crest of an evening gone wry and sardonically frustrating. Minutes into my ordeal an FRSC guy just showed up and in an attempt to explicate my pitiable predicament the guy yelled ” Why should I listen to you?” That particular question set my thought into motion. What makes you worth listening to? Yes wisdom listens but not just to anything. Wisdom listens to someone worth listening to. I was able to come up with five reasons why anyone will listen to you.
1. People will listen to you because of your relationships
2. People will listen to you because of your character and reputation
3. People will listen to you because of your relevance
4. People will listen to you because of your competence
5. People will listen to you because of your wisdom and Insight
After all, the bitter experiences all led me to a greater discovery. The above list is not exhaustive and as time goes on I will add more to why people should listen to you talk.


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