So Unlikely


There is this story in the Bible that has always resonated in my soul. The story about a young lad. If he had been in our time searching for an executive job he certainly would have been passed. He would have been so unlikely to be a celebrity. His background did nothing to show for it. His resumé was poor and bereft of all titles and qualifications. He had no real leadership experience. Nothing did show he was capable or competent. He was so unlikely. But he was chosen for a great assignment. He was picked for a royal job. He was selected to be an army chief. He was called to be king despite and in spite of his unlikely-ness.

The story of king David has proved that it has nothing to do with your background, your experience, your make, your looks, your age, your pedigree or the other bazillion ideas you may have sown in your heart just to belittle yourself. His story attest to the possibility of that which seems impossible. The real question is if you believe in yourself and in your ability and can confront your biggest doubt.


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