Waiting to Exhale


Lagos, Nigeria- At the Murtala Mohammed Airport waiting for my flight to Kaduna. Sometimes I wish my life had a remote control so that I could just hit the Fast Forward button when I want to have a fast drive past some crazy and painful moments of my life. Ordinarily, I hate to wait. I have always had a run-in with that. Always a hard case for me. Especially when it seems like it is taking forever to get what you want. Why not have it that very instant? Why not now? Afterall, the popular saying Time is Money could be true and that translates to Timeliness Is It.
But life has never given us the Fast Forward option. Between the promise and the product is usually a process and part of the process is waiting.
Great accomplishments in life take time. Also, your ability to wait indicates that you see beyond the foregoing situation. More so, there are events and circumstances in life that just need time to yield fruit. There could be blessings in your waiting.


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