Beauty and the Beast


For the love of cartoons I watched, yet again, one of my favourites of all time-Beauty and the Beast. It’s a story, beautifully carved, of the power of love. You know the story. There was a time his face was handsome and his palace so pleasant. But that was before the curse. Not only did the curse came with dark shadows that enveloped his castle, it come with darkness that enveloped his heart. He was turned into a recluse with bad attitudes and an enclosed heart.

But all that changed when beauty appeared. I wondered what would have happened to the beast if beauty hadn’t appeared at all? Better yet, what would have happened if she was spurned off by his bad moods? Who would have blamed her if she didn’t care after all? After all, he was such beastly. And she was such a beauty. Gorgeous. But because Beauty loved the beast, the beast became beautiful himself. She reached past beyond his ugliness and she touched that very mean part of him that couldn’t be touched. She didn’t see his defiance. She saw him in a divine way. We all know the story. The beast was made beautiful because of love. He was left with glistening snout and curly tusks and a bad mood. But all that changed.
Could it be that all what that person need is love? We always tend to see the bad side of people. We see their flaws. We see their falls. We see their wrongs. Can we just show a little love please?


2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. This is my favorite Disney cartoon. Yes, the reason he was turned into a beast was because of his arrogance and his lack of feeling. He had to learn the true meaning of what it meant to be “human” by being a beast.

    Beauty came in at the right time. All actions that took place before her going to his castle had to be done, even when we couldn’t understand why they were happening. Without them, she wouldn’t have known he existed, and that he needed to be love.

    We see the bad side of people because that is what is spotlighted, that gets our attention and rubs us the wrong way. Some. Can we bypass that? Some can’t. Some love, and some still remain a “beast”.

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