Promises and Pitfalls


I stood by my window, lost in thought, when suddenly I heard loud screams and cries. Who could be disturbing the peace of this neighbourhood? Then I realised that a couple I had known for some time have taken to the streets the fight that has so lingered behind the door of their apartment. She was busy screaming the insults. I don’t know if your head is full of garbage or it is that empty… He was busy dishing out the blows as if he was out against Evander Holyfield. The scenario was then slightly altered when a group of some young passers-by wanted to broker peace. Who begged for your suggestion? She bickered back. What a brawl! I said to myself as my mind took a stroll to the very time they were newly weds. That was some three years ago. How easy for us to forget the promises we made to each other. Who would have thought that such squabble will ever exist between these lovers? But here they are, daring to wash each other’s dirty linen in public. I can only imagine what caused the zinger-Money, Kids, Sex, Schedules, Chores, Friends, Family, Habits, Expectations, Personality conflicts. The list could go on and on.
An American Journalist once said, as regards Obama’s Health Care Plan, that there exist to every promise a pitfall. So also in marriage. I am not claiming to be a guru in marital counselling and am not making an attempt at that either. What am saying is that life, just like marriage, comes with lots of promises and pitfalls. As such we need to live with the consciousness that there are issues that will want to mar these promises. What huge difference it will make if we are able to anticipate what these pitfalls would be. How incredible it will be if I can appropriately interpret circumstances to know what actions to take. We cannot completely stop these pitfalls, but we can decide if it makes or mars us.


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