A Lesson From a Friend’s Visit


You know what it feels like hanging out with friends. Especially friends you probably have not seen for a very long time. Yesterday I bumped into one of such friends. It must have been over four years of not seeing one another. No phone calls. No form of communication. We had dinner together. Over an hour eating, gisting and generally reminiscing. We reminded ourselves of old jokes, we listened to each other’s story. We attempted to fill ourselves in with what has happened ever since we met last. It was a nice time.

I was particularly proud of the progress my friend has made so far. So happy to realise that he is now married and will soon be a father. As I walked him out to his car, I realised how far the progress we have all made in this life. I stepped back in thought and considered how life has treated us and realised we have every reason to be grateful. Not really that life has dished out to us the best of its hands. We have made mistakes, bad decisions, things have gone sour at one point. There were friends who walked away. People who never believed in us nor our ability. But I think I can look back and agree that it has been so far so good. The better and best are yet to come.

Deeper thoughts made me realise that nothing happens by chance. Everything is carefully orchestrated by God who knows the very purpose for our lives. So, with that in mind, whatever bad and painful mistakes I have made in the past I still will push on and move forward. We may not seem to understand what maybe happening but I totally agree with Apostle Paul that all things work together for God to them that love God and to those called according to His purpose. If so, then I am rest assured that I am yet to see better moments.


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