Four Good Questions for Effective Living


Of late I have taken a close-up look at my life. I simply felt, enough of the panoramic view of issues. Let’s make a more critical take. After some unbiased assessment and scrutiny, I discovered that I wasn’t, after all, as efficient and effective as I thought. A broader view will have ensued a more self satisfying result but beneath the good feeling will be some salient issues begging for more attention. What I simply did was to ask myself some questions and made sure the answers were earnest and candid. Of these questions I will like to share the four most important.

What makes me feel good? What gives me joy, what makes me enthusiastic? What am I passionate about? What gives me the ultimate satisfaction? What makes me heart and fulfilled? What more can I do to bring more of this into my life?

What makes me feel bad? What brings the anger, resentment, guilt and remorse? What brings unsatisfaction and rancor? What can I do to lessen or eliminate this from my life?

Do I feel right about my life? Am I leading the life I feel that I’m “supposed” to live? Do my choices reflect my values? Am I heading in the right direction? Is this what I was born to do? Are my decisions in line with who I am? Do I think I am living a purposeful life?

Does my life have an atmosphere of growth? What is that thing or those things that are changing for the better? Do people see me and see growth?

You get the right answers about life by asking the right questions. I think it’s time for you too to do some soul-searching asking.


2 thoughts on “Four Good Questions for Effective Living

  1. these question r great and if properly and honestly answered can really bring a new level of awareness to oneself. they also remind me of the second question morgan freeman asked jack nicholas in the bucket list – “does ur life bring joy to others”
    As much as try to live life to the fullest and please ourselves, we should not forget those around us…

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