There is no Failure in God


She held my hand so tight. She looked at me with tears filled eyes. “Yes, I’m four months pregnant”. And with a frustrated tone she added ” I can’t really tell why things are turning this way. I’ve been struggling with poor grades in school. Not long ago I lost the only family I had, my mother. My life seems to me a broken boulder, cascading down a steep, snowy cliff. I, sometimes I wonder, if some people were created just for scorn. Just for the fun of it. There are times I wish I was never born”.

No one loves to fail or live a failed life. But everyone at some point everyone experiences some form of failure and disappointment. Things don’t always go our way. Our expectations sometimes, right before our very eyes, fades away. Like ashes before the Harmattan wind. Yes we dream. But there are times when we wake up to reality and discover that we are living the flip side of our dreams.

I was watching recently the American Idol, it was eviction time and Toddrick Hall had to go. He has a good voice. His ad libs I thought were the best. He does some nice runs but he was voted out. His renditions, to me, were simply superb. But… he said, when asked how he feels tonight, there is no failure in God.

True. When you are with God, nothing is failure. Not even the worst case. I hung on to those words. And there I was, with my friend weeping. The only thing I could find to say was there is no failure in God.
“Really?” she asked.
“Absolutely” I replied.


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