The Eternal Value of Education


It’s been for a while I’d written on this blog. Sometimes you just have to catch up with some other things that are equally compelling and demands your undivided attention. But I think I have found a way of striking the balance. I mean, doing the plenty things you love simultaneously.

My neighbor’s six-year-old child woke up today with an issue, pretty common with kids, I guess. She didn’t just want to go to school. For some reasons best known to her she said to her mother point-blank that she is not moving an inch anywhere near school. “I hate School” She belted. I tried to  intervene hoping that I would somehow have a peer into the mind of this child and know exactly what made up her choice. I met with a brick wall. She wasn’t just into me as she was resolute about her not going to school.  All I could do was to look into her eyes and say to her ” Years from now, you will be happy you went to school”

I am convinced that an educated mind is an empowered mind. It can fortify you against the uncertainties of a challenging society. President of the United States of America truthfully puts it, Education means Emancipation. No truer truth.

Gone are the days where just a secondary school certificate simply will do. You need a University or College degree to sail through these tough times of economic uncertainty. This is not just applicable in Nigeria. It is a universal truth. And as the world is flattened by technology, it presents to us an even playing ground where anyone anywhere can compete with anyone anywhere. You need education to stay competitive  and improve your intrinsic sense of excellence.

As I type these words, I see this little girl in my mind and I know for sure she will be eternally grateful if she heeds to her mother’s call to go to school


One thought on “The Eternal Value of Education

  1. I completely agree with you! An empowered mind can move mountains and take you many places. I really enjoyed reading your material. Just recently, I graduated with my Post Masters and there are many people who ask, “aren’t you done yet?” lol I laugh because if they only knew, I have purpose and it’s a part of a divine plan, I’m heeding the call of God! Ultimately, I have to keep going and pressing until I get to the doctorate. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

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