Painting Those Colorless Dreams


Kagoro Street where the gossip that flows is as thick as the fog of the coastal grasslands of the Niger Delta. You could slice it through with a butter knife. Part of the reality you live with is knowing that nothing you do is secret. Betrayals and broken trust are almost as common as the stones that paves its terrain. That is where I live. Once upon an evening, I strolled down the street hoping to find some cure to my boredom. I did find one. I found someone with colorless dreams. That’s how she put it to me. Jessica is twenty-three, beautiful and witty. She wears her smile as if she was born with it. It does much more than beautify her, it hides her pains. While growing up she had beautiful dreams about how life should be but it took life just three years to change her hopes and dreams to mere illusions and fantasies. “My dreams no longer have color” She told me. I instantly switched into my counselor mode and offered the best advice I have available at that instance. Three things Jessica needed to do. How do you add color to those dreams which suddenly turned gray?
1. Re-Believe: Hope deferred makes the heart sick. True. But what does it cost to believe again? Nothing.
2. Re-Paint: You have to re-do your strategies, your aim, your focal point and you priorities. Go back to planning. Do your SWOT analysis. Re-design your dreams and clarify areas of ambiguity.
3. Re-thrust: Get your butts off that pity-spot and work yourself toward your dreams. Walk with the blueprint you created when you re-painted. Somehow, along the line your colorless dream with become a rainbow.


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