Time for Appraisal


A friend introduced me to a word he coined and uses often and that is Re-look. The word Re-look means to have a second look at what you’ve just looked.

I had a re-look at my life recently and I think I need change in some areas:

1. Skill– I need to sharpen and hone my abilities and talent. One word that readily comes to my mind when I think of honing my skill is Dexterity.
2. Confidence– Recently I traveled with some colleagues for a technical presentation and I realized how far confidence can take a person. In the tough arena of business, you simply need some good amount of confidence to out pace competition.
3. Focus– This is a person’s ability to keep his dreams, plans and desires well within attention and keep pursuing without deterring or getting distracted.
4. Perspective– I need to look at all the bits and pieces of my life and give them an honest, meaningful and relevant interpretation.

I hope that after this period of re-look, i will be a better person. That’s the goal.


6 thoughts on “Time for Appraisal

  1. Appraisal i an integral part of a successful mind, ur observation is a wake up call. Good work and straight to the point.

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