Lessons from a Friend


Am sitting by my window, hands to my cheeks, my iPod streaming India Arie; am lost in a world of thoughtfulness. Thinking has now become an active activity I engage in. Thanks to Bill Gates and Business @ the speed of Thought.

There is always a new dimension to one’s life whenever influential friends comes into it. Recently I ran into one, the way and manner is a discussion for another day but I will like to share with you a few things I learnt from this friend.

1. Enjoy Life: Life is worth enjoying. Let nothing mar the happiness you can get from it.

2. Be Authentic: Live real. This is a philosophy that I strive always to pursue especially as a young man living in fast-changing times.

3. You can do well with some adversity: Our mental and psychological muscle is developed by the amount of adversity we face and overcome.

4. Love God: What else can I add to this? Perhaps i’ll will add ‘…with all your heart, soul and strength’.

5. Read Good Books: You cannot work and function above what you know. How effective and efficient you function is largely limited or enhanced by how much you know.

6. Kids are fun: Simply indulge in a little of them and tell me what you think.

7. Don’t just Communicate, Connect: Great friendships doesn’t just stop at good communication, it proceeds further to great connection. Thank you so much John Maxwell.


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