Today’s post is a guest post from a valued friend, Istifanus Sankwai.


As a Young man, Jerry the boy grew up full of aspiration with an impression in his mind; in his young mind all he could see was a glamorous future, unstoppable height. To him, he will be an enviable young man, a successful adult, and at his prime: ‘an uncommon fame was achievable’! Little did he know that goals set may only be attained through high discipline and principled life styles, amidst lots of opposition and uphill task to undertake. He will also have to learn later that he would have inculcated the spirit called ‘I can’, and not quit at a certain point. In his lesson book it will also be written how fate and opportunity also count on where destiny would have us end. And it will also be clear to him why at the final bus stop; some will exclaim this is not where the fare is paid for.
“No this is not my destination!” Jerry the man simply stood aloof “if only I had known these at the beginning”.
At the onset, it looks as if Jerry’s life calendar was on schedule. Suddenly he began to face the issues of life in their real colors; some of the wrestling seems stronger than his muscles could carry and some of this sight made him gave up the challenge. At other times consistency and diligence fails and as it were time elapsed. The effect of these happenings was not to be seen now or easily, until their consequence began to take a pound of flesh. The story of laziness and procrastination has not yet been told in his life, their effect was not the least. Like the proverbial sluggard, a glance at the field of the sluggard reveal only thorns and thistles, with every weed having its field of day.
The cumulative effect of these menaces was what jerry the boy woke up one morning to see as the man Jerry! Quickly in his mind he took a journey to the boy jerry some twenty years back, he exclaimed, where is the fame, the conglomerates, the money, the cars, the houses, where are all these I had envision!? Uh oh! He continued, this boy is disappointed in you man Jerry! At this point two people were standing tall in his mind. One the vision and the aspiration (the boy Jerry), the other a disappointing reality (the man Jerry). The two were both asking WHY?, WHY? . Then comes the very clear answers from the man jerry; yes I gave up when I should have kept on , Procrastination and laziness did not allow me achieve my set goals, let go precious opportunities, Oh! My life was not principle; it’s my entire fault he said!
The imperatives of jerry boys story is to spur a challenge in you, and you may ask yourself today what will the boy in you to day say of your man twenty years from now!
I am disappointed?


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