Yes, I will forgive











As she trod down the muddy path, angry and cussing beneath her breath, she spoke a little to loud for it to be considered a thought. She has just been back-stabbed. She quickly jumped to a more gravely side of the road just in time to stop herself from falling. It had rained all day. But what worried her soul was much more than the irritating smell from the side bush whenever it rained.

Six months earlier she had loved a boy. She still loves him. But if only she knew he would desert her when she needed him to stand true to his words and promises.

She knows she is pregnant. At least she knows that because she has had some murky feelings of late. She told her best friend about it but asked her to swear that she wouldn’t tell anyone. She had sworn but didn’t keep up to her promise. Now everyone knows she is pregnant.

She hissed at the mere thought of that and doubled her steps. But she didn’t notice the quiet footsteps of this odd-looking woman behind her.

‘You look troubled’ the woman said to her
‘Just know you’ll make your troubles double when you worry’ She added.

She looked at her with concern.

‘I was betrayed by my best friend. I thought she could keep a secret. I should have known than to trust someone at all.’

The odd-looking woman gave out a low laugh. ‘You’ll be better off  when  you  forgive’

‘I know. But there are some things that are not worth forgiving.’

‘There is nothing on earth that is heavier than unforgivingness and there is nothing that isn’t worth forgiveness. The moment you forgive, you would have set a prisoner free only to later realize that the prisoner was you. I think I have to hurry.
She walked quickly as her feebly feet wobbled beneath the weight of her heavy body.

‘What if I forgive?’ She asked herself. ‘What if what this woman just said is true? I think i should forgive… I will forgive’

She looked up and there were dark  clouds  ‘It might rain again ; I better hurry.’ She muttered.


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