The Power of a Smile


Sometimes I wish I can post on my blog every three days but that seems like almost impossible with the schedule I have these days. But from now till the end of December,  I will consistently write and post on my blog on what I feel are the most important issues in life. You may call it Tips For Life.

There are times when the oddities of life choke every joy we have inside us. Recently, I was upset with something for a long period. That alone stole every happiness and peace in me. I thought I was simply expressing my displeasure but I was doing myself great harm. That went on for some time until a friend told me ‘you are no longer happy because you don’t smile anymore’.

What’s in a smile?

Dalai Lama often says that he thinks he would be a lonely old man if he didn’t smile so much. He thinks this simple physical act has brought him closer to people from all walks of life. But how comes so many of us, allow issues and situations to steal away this very thing that brings us happiness? Perhaps we have not realised how potent something as simple as a smile is.

When you smile, the brain produces endorphins which are chemicals inside your body that (when released) help relieve physical and emotional stress, thus, creating a feeling of well-being. Of course, we know that stress is attributed to a host of illnesses and this “smiling often” stress-relief process can greatly enhanced our health.

A smile is an easy way of telling our mood and the type of disposition we have. It is the biggest tool in interacting with strangers and making new friendships. Come to think of it. When you smile, you don’t have to say anything at all. It is a universal language which tends to say it all. A genuine smile can disarm even the most angry if done correctly.

A smile should be a routine, not kept for special moments alone, because it indicates your personality and persona. Also it indicates the kind of person you wish to be. If saved for special moments it comes across as superficial and insincere.

In essence, a smile helps you present a positive image about yourself. It also helps calm you down and at the end of the day you feel happier.

So the question is: Do you smile enough?


4 thoughts on “The Power of a Smile

  1. This is an awesome post! I asked myself the same question on yesterday. I was having a rough day, I lost my debit cards almost a week ago and sent off for new ones. Well, they came in. However, when I tried to use them I was unable to. I called the bank and they had linked it to the wrong account!! I was very upset and now I have to wait another week for my cards to come in. Well, in the midst of my “crisis” one of my clients called and was just soooo excited. I’m like, “what in the world, why are you so cheery?” Well, come to find out, for Christmas he received a brand new bike from his job. He was shouting, laughing, and just SO excited about life. In the midst of the conversation, I had NO choice but to cheer up and start laughing, it was quite an experience. Here I was upset about not having my debit cards, but here this man was challenging me to smile in the midst of my dilemma…it was great. Afterwards, I had to seriously ask God to forgive me because I was completely ungrateful that I even had money in the bank to go get, debit card or not. lol

    Keep smiling!!

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