The Power of a Mentor


No matter how smart you are you cannot figure out everything by yourself…

I doubt if there will be anybody at all who will choose to learn all the lessons he needs to learn in life by himself. It is wisdom to go to those men and women who have already paid the price to learn their lessons and get their wisdom from them. This act makes life easier and perhaps simpler.
By going to those people ahead of you in your chosen profession or in the personal arena and submitting to their input, advice, guidance and direction, you are putting yourself in a situation where you will learn what it will take you years to learn. As such, you cut out much loses from your life simply by riding in someone else’s experience.

I have come across some people in life that just an hour spent talking to them leaves me with years of experience and wisdom. They have been there and have done that and pretty seem to know it all and all I needed to do was to tailor-cut their advice to suit my situation.

No one lives long enough to learn everything from the scratch. In order to achieve significant success, we absolutely need people who have significantly paid their price to learn from.

Qualities of the Right mentor
I have discovered that among other notable qualities that one may look out in a mentor the following two clearly stands out.

1. Character: The person should be one of outstanding character. This includes integrity, intelligence and sound judgement and Wisdom.

2. Competence : Meaning the person is outstanding in his/her field of endeavor. A good career mentor will have more skill set, knowledge and can-do-achieve qualities more than his peers.

There are two important factors that help out Mentor-protege relationships:
1. Willingness of protegé to be open
2. Willingness of mentor to be involved – Even the best mentors will only put their best if you show you are worth their time and efforts.

Lastly, it is more blessed to follow good advice than to give it


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