What it takes to succeed



The need to write this post arises from the constant questioning I get from various people. I am always asked: What does it take to succeed? While I dont see myself as someone who has ‘succeeded’, I find myself giving one or two tips in an attempt to answer this very question.

All my life I have always wanted to succeed. While I have achieved my goal in certain endeavors, I have also failed in others. And what I realise in all of these is the fact that nothing explains how to succeed like failure. The very day I came in contact with John C. Maxwell’s book, Failing Forward, I fell in love with the term. Because in as much as we all like to succeed, we’ll have some moments of failures and it is what we do with the lessons we learn from such failures that determin if we go ahead succeeding or not.

So, what does it take to succeed? I will like to answer this poignant question with what I have learnt from my failures.

1. Know what your success will look like. In other words, have a dream. A vision. An Idea. It is commonly said that if you embark on a journey without any specific destination then anywhere is likely to be your destination. Success for one person maybe marrying his long-dated girlfriend. For another is clinching a million Naira worth of government contract. For another it is building a sky scrapper. Know what your success looks like so that when you achieve it you will know what exactly it is.

2. Have a plan. Chart a course. If you know WHAT then define HOW. Knowing WHAT without HOW is mere wishful thinking.

3. Focus: This is the art of applying a concentrated mental attention to a specific goal over a period of time. Brilliiance doesnt necessarily make successful people. Intelligence too isn’t enough. People that succeed most are people with focused thinking.

4. Drive: Have enough momemtum to pursue your goals. Be relentless. Go for it! Never give up. Engage your Nitro button.

Doing the above mentioned will help you achieve your desired goal-success.

From your personal experience what do you think should be added to the above points?


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