One Habit To Develop: Decision Making


I have always known that how effective you are boils down to one singular factor: your ability to consistently make good decisions. Better still, you ability to take touch decisions. To be candid, I used to struggle with decision-making especially for situations where the choices are so close and the stakes are high. I had to re-think my decision-making habit all over and try to unlearn those habits that help me become complacent in decision-making. I realized that as a leader I’ll have to make decisions, tough decisions, at all times because it is inevitable. It is also one of the biggest challenges of leadership. I dare say that the outcome of one’s life is largely determined by the decision that person makes. While some people struggle with decision-making others wait and waffle. But I am going to give some simple steps that will help anyone make good decisions.

1. Surround Yourself with Competent and Trusted Advisors. The Bible says ” In the multitude of counsel there is safety”. Having people who can adequately guide you is a valuable asset.

2. Research: Learn to use the Library and Google or Bing. This is something I do a lot. Before I make crucial decisions, I take my time to Google/Bing the subject and if I have enough time, carry out some extensive research.

3. Weigh the Information available. Think over the data and facts that you have gathered from people and your research.

4. Know that mistakes are Inevitable. Mistakes could be sources of valuable lessons so don’t be afraid of making one. Learn to take personal responsibility for the failure of your decisions.

5. Just do it. Once you’ve done all you can, do it! Don’t wait. Learn to develop then trust your instincts. Even if you fail today, you won’t tomorrow.

Question: What do you do in other to make great decisions?


One thought on “One Habit To Develop: Decision Making

  1. Wow thz extreamely great one. I love it. Pls i’ll love you to permits me to use it to moltivate my clients. Lovely bros.

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