Goodbye 2011… Welcome 2012


This morning I woke up and lingered more in bed. Its been a long time i had a long personal devotion and reflection time like this. Consequently this post is a result of the time-out I had with myself and God. The days after Christmas leading to the New Year are usually the most unproductive for me. Its holiday and I get to rest and most times do the informal things I love doing. But these ‘unproductive’ days can be a launch pad for the New Year. I believe in planning, self appraisal and regular review of one’s life and that is exactly what I did this morning. I am sharing this to help someone out there who really wants to improve but doesn’t know where to start from.

I got a pen and my note pad ready and asked myself these questions:

1. What did I accomplish this year that I am most proud of? These can be in almost all areas of your life.
2. What disappointments and regrets did experience this past year?
3. What Major Life Lessons did I learn this year?
4. What was missing from this past year as I look back again?
5. If given a second chance what will I do differently?

I answered this questions as honest as I can and I tell you, I wouldn’t want anyone to read through my answers. Some lines are just too embarrassing to share with some other persons outside God and very close loved ones. Doing this has helped prepare me for my New Year resolutions( Yes, I still believe in them). I promise to share them with you. But until then, Why not find time, sit and ask yourself these five questions.

What other question will you ask yourself that will help you assess this outgoing year?


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