4 Ways to Distinguish Yourself


This morning I had an extended quiet time and I asked myself several questions. But one question that I pondered upon for quite sometime is: What does it take to distinguish oneself? Truth is we live in a very noisy world. Everyone is trying to get noticed. Competition is high. How do you rise above the clout? How do you find your voice and make it heard? I arrived at four ways to distinguish yourself.

1. Live ahead of your contemporaries
One way to achieve this is through extensive reading and then establish relationship with accomplished people. Last year I got myself two mentors and this year one of my goals is to get additional two. I cannot but only over emphasis the immense advantage these people have added to my life.
2. Live above your circumstances
Who lives this life without challenges? Nobody does! As such, challenges and struggles are the ‘norm’ in living successfully. But what guarantees you success in this regard? Your walk with God. Also, develop a healthy Positive Mental Attitude.

3. Live deeper than your calamities
Adversity will surely come but instead of trying to mourn them, draw lessons from them.

4. Live beyond your present capabilities
Improve! Improve!! Improve!!! Hone your skills. Breathe life to innate gifts. identify your talents and put them to use. Take your game to the next level. Train yourself. Discover new skill set and learn. Don’t just rely on your present level of know-how. Improve.

I believe in these four points because I see the way they played out last year. I hope to improve this year.

What other way would you add to the aforementioned?


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