Leadership Qualities Am Working On


As part of my goals for 2012 I set to develop some key leadership qualities in me and I am going to share them with you.
Some of there qualities I already have, some I’ll have to work on from ground up. In any case it is my desire that by the end of 2012 I’ll look back and see the better leader I’ve become.

I realize that it takes character to win and maintain trust and a healthy relationship with people.Years ago some defined character to me as humble and honest. he couldn’t be far from the truth. I think the whole sum of a leader is explained in one word- Character. It defines leadership which is why I want to develop and cultivate positive character. So, how do I intend to achieve this?
a. Studying my Bible more often and with deeper purpose
b. Associate myself with people of reputable and sound character
c. Read at least 2 books on character development
d. Be accountable to 2 people

This is the ability to make people believe in your cause and act appropriately; the ability to make people buy-in to your idea I possess this quality to a certain degree which I can qualify as ‘lot’. People naturally flock to people who make them feel good about themselves. Good thing about charisma is that it can be learnt though I think there are a couple of people who may simply be born with it. So, how do I go about developing charisma?

a. I will learn to love life and enjoy each day I grace. I ill complain less. I will exude more love and warmth.
b. Be more vulnerable, real, open and down-to-earth. Will share my heart, my thoughts, wisdom and experience more readily and often.
c. Expect the best out of people. I realize that not everyone can be trusted. But I hope to rely on God’s wisdom to know when to hold back and when to give someone the benefit of doubt
d. Improve my poise and be more optimistic. I will learn to establish connection with any audience
e. Be a good listener

John C. Maxwell said a leader who cannot communicate his calling and vision will definitely have trouble getting anyone to buy-in into his leadership. The ability to communicate and get understood is very critical to success in any endeavor. By this I mean I will improve my speaking skill, my writing and my listening skill. How do I intend to achieve this?

a. Enroll for SCORRE to help improve my speaking
b. I’ll accept more speaking engagements this year so that I can practice what I have learnt
c. Enroll for an online course in fiction and non-fiction writing (am yet to decide on which. Suggestions are welcomed)

I still have more qualities which I will share in my subsequent posts.But before you leave, Kindly let me know your thoughts concerning these qualities.


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