Attitude Called Excellence


I began writing on the leadership qualities I intend to develop as part of my goals for this year. I outlined three qualities in my last post and today I’ll focus on just one-an attitude called Excellence

In everything I do I’ve always strove to be the competent. I’ve always worked toward being the best. I realize that success comes as a result of two things working together-your hands and your heart. Thus, there is need for a balance of skill, competence and inward integrity. That explains why I am developing the attitude of excellence. I regard Excellence to be skill + competence + integrity + consistency. Excellence ensures credibility. This translates into buy-in from people around you. One sure way to become distinguished in everything you do is to become excellent in whatever you do.

How do I intend to achieve Excellence?

1. Henceforth I’ll make Excellence a watchword, a hallmark. I’ll value Excellence more.
2. I’ll learnt to pay attention to details, especially little, seemingly insignificant details.
3. Not settle for average, give 100 percent and give no excuse for complacency
4. Demonstrate capacity
5. Go the second mile
6. Never stop improving
7. Remain committed in what really matters

What other ways to develop Excellence do you know?


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