Commitment: The Grease Between the Wheels


Some years ago I visited a mentor of mine, a very wise man. During the course of our conversation, after outlining my dreams and goals, he paused and asked me “How committed are you to these goals?” That marks the beginning of my intentional consciousness of the word Commitment. He made me realise that no success is ever achieved without commitment and being intentional about it. He asked me lots of questions and I gave honest answers to those questions and by the end of our conversation I realised that other factors in place, without commitment all you can ever achieve will be average. He told me that when moving toward success its commitment that greases your wheels and makes you overcome friction easily.

An ancient chinese proverb says the will of a man is like a cart pulled by two horses: the mind and the emotions. You must get both horses moving in the same direction to move the cart. Committment is an affair of the will. It moves past the mind and emotions. My relationships actually helped me learn a lot about commitment. First of all, it starts from the heart and seen in action. Secondly, it is measurable and precedes achievement of whatever sort.

But these three things defines commitment:

1. Purpose– Commit to a cause, vision or goal

2. Perspective– Have a crystal clear picture of the future

3. Persistence– Learn to move ahead despite the odds. I like to call it Stick-to-it-ability.

Put all these things together and you have the big picture of what commitment is all about.

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