About Dyaji

I have always loved talking to people. So much that i live each day looking out for opportunities to inspire another person. I also love to read. I could read anything but I wont either. I wish i was a better writer, better than this lame attempt at being a blogger. I Love making friends and having them around me and having them talk to me. One day i will be an influencial world leader. This i have seen and i live everyday of my life preparing for that one opportunity that will make this dream come true.

Please talk a walk with me as we explore issues ranging from leadership to culture and every human endeavour that adds colour to life.

Welcome to Me!

9 thoughts on “About Dyaji

  1. I really like that! “One day I will be an influencial world leader”… see you there!! Keep desiring to inspire and bring to pass world change through your writings. You truly are a powerful individual…

    –Lakia Gordon

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