Thank you so much Amie Streater. I have read this book over three times and it keeps blessing me. Every chapter is filled with so much that I find it hard to drop it without reading a whole chapter through. Timeless truths was compared against the usual lies we have conditioned our minds over time to believe.

This is a book about handling your money the way God intended it and also in a way that you will be blessed at the end. The author did not mince words in explaining her point using real life examples that are right on cue.

It is a must have in every library

This is a great book. Written in a storytelling style, this book addresses the basic spiritual need of every individual drawing from the rich examples we find on the pages of the scriptures where “common people” meet and experience the “uncommon God”. With a cast of Characters that comprise of the most unworthy people you can find in the scriptures. It is a book where one is richly blessed reading. I find the book a must have for every Christian, both cleric and the “common pew sitter”.

Jesus Manifesto:: Deeply Spiritual and Soul enriching. I have longed for such a book that will take my hear back to the real basis for my faith in God, that is, Jesus.
It is a book, beautifully written and the assertiveness of the message added the urgent tenacity needed in a book that carries Christ Jesus as it’s central theme. Of a truth, this book restored in me the main purpose of being in God.
Jesus is all. That is the message, the grand summary. And Each chapter drives home the points in bits.
I recommend the book to every believer. It’s timely and it’s needed

Wild at Heart is really a book meant and designed for every man who needs a deeper peer into the minutiae and intricacies of a man’s soul. In a storytelling style of writing, every chapter is like vintage points and moment in an adventurous journey. He travels with the reader into the reasons behind why most men are who they really are. It’s not really a fast read because at certain moments you will be forced to take a break and do some thinking. That is how you get the best out of the book. Personally, I was more blessed by Chapter Ten, A Beauty to Rescue. Did the book bless my life? Yes it surely did. John Eldredge did an awesome work that has an awesome worth. Don’t mistake it for just any other book for Men. This book truly is a life changer.

An inspiring story of a single black mother who waged against all odds to come out victoriously in the battles of life. It’s a book that kept me awake all through the night. At some points you will actually tend to feel sorry for Mrs. Lucille O’Neal and at some points you will have your faith greatly encouraged. A book of thirty three chapters it’s such a fast read. I particularly enjoyed Chapter two Life Aint Been No Crystal Stair. She’s such a strong woman whose life will challenge other young women especially single mothers. The book will most likely attend to your emotional needs rather than your intellectual. It will lay a background for determination and dedication in case you’ve lost your package. I simply love the book and I think I will order for some gift copies for my friends. It’s a must-read for everyone of them.

I think John Maxwell drove home an important point. Though simple, his message is heavy weight. Yes, the book will hold the reader’s attention. Though not as compulsive as his other books, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect will definitely connect with its reader in a unique way. “To be successful, you need to learn how to really communicate with others.” Nothing can be truer than this irrespective of what you do or who you are. The book contains handful of tips that will sure help any individual to communicate and most importantly connect.
Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, is also filled with quotes from John Maxwell and a host of others. Maxwell also shares five principles and five practices anyone can use to develop his/her skills in communicating.
It’s a book every leader should have in his library.

As I walked through the corridors of Sheila’s mind and personal experiences I thanked God for laying this book into my hands. I almost missed it. She spoke to me. Even as a man, I can as well relate to the awesome truths from God’s word, laid bare before the lenses of my mind and soul. One bulging question that remained with me as I read the book was: Can I trust God with the steering wheel of my life? She explored the life of Gideon in Chapter Ten-Trusting God with your fears. ” God chose an unlikely young man to prove to his people that he was, is, and always will be with them” (Page 131). The twelve chapters essentially covers the vital aspects of our lives with stories from the Bible that teaches great lesson about trusting God in different circumstances. Each biblical character illustrated the very fact that God has our best interest at heart. So why not simply trust him? “Every trial is designed to show you something about yourself (good or bad) that you did not know.” Nothing can be much truer!

I could not wait to have my own copy of this biography so I ordered a copy ahead of the free copy I will get from Booksneeze. A pulsating Biography of Isaac Newton by Mitch Stokes in the Christian Encounter Series.The book possess 15 chapters of a exposition into the life of the famous Scientist, mathematician and physicist. One of the foremost scientific intellects of all time. The book is one I find very informative and also the depth and simplicity is awesome. Stokes accurately depicted the life and times of Isaac Newton especially as regards to the firm opposition he was at the attempt by King James II to make the universities into Catholic institutions. At vintage points in the book one will find awesome lessons especially propelled by Newton’s heart for God and discovering the truths behind phenomenons. This will be a great read especially if one is science oriented. The book also possess an amazing ability of grabbing the reader’s attention. A very simple to understand and beautifully crafted biography of Issac Newton. A nice work from Mitch Stokes.

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