No Rhyme No Reason

I was in the kitchen. I was doing some experiments with the new recipe my girlfriend gave me. It was in the living room, my phone. Ringing. When finally I had it, there were twelve missed calls.

It was a friend whom I haven’t heard from in a long while.

How are you doing? I called back to ask.

I am fine.

How is Amina?


Are you there?

Yes I am he replied.

I just asked how Amina is doing.

Amina was killed the day before yesterday, that is why I called to inform you that her burial is tomorrow.

Amina. My childhood sweetheart. I wouldn’t have thought in a million years that Amina will die just like that. That Amina will die as a result of somebody’s senselessness, crude stupidity and lack of sympathy. But there it is. Amina, like many others, have to be pay for someone’s madness. I used to think, then, that Jos is the safest place to be in Nigeria. Outside it’s weather, the rocks and its serenity. But not anymore. Jos is now an abattoir. Just as I mourn Amina’s death, I mourn Nigeria, also. God better give me a reason for making me a Nigerian at such a time like this else I will seamlessly conclude that I think He is punishing me for what I don’t know I’ve committed. Jos, Nigeria used to be better than this and can be better than this. Even as I write this, I know that there is no rhyme and no reason for the 400 people that died in Jos during this crisis. But I see a cloud of hope, that even if Nigeria is failing, we are failing forward. We will reach there, that land called Better. Until then, Adieu Amina.

2 thoughts on “No Rhyme No Reason

  1. Sorry about your friend. I used to live in Jos, in fact, my parents still do. It really is the most beautiful place on earth and used to be the most peaceful. Sad that to promote their personal agenda, some people are prepared to expend the lives of hundreds…

    But like you, I have hope for Nigeria.

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